Michal Kirat Jewelry

Michal Kirat was born in a small village in central Israel. An Israeli artist and jewelry designer who has mastered the technique of using 2,000 year old Roman Glass to create beautiful jewelry. Her expert knowledge and experience with the glass have come together to produce an outstanding collection of unique art- a collection of Silver and Roman Glass Jewelry. 
Her inspiration: nature, surrounding areas, oceans, colour, seasons and a love for Roman Glass.
From the very first moment that she set eyes on the Roman Glass shards she fell in love...
"All the colors that I loved so much were just there – inside of the glass shards that came freshly unearthed from the archaeological sites around Israel. It was a love at first sight. It was a perfect centerpiece for the jewelry I wanted to create."              
Michal explains, 
"I hope everyone that owns any items of my jewellery will feel the creative connection it has been designed with and will be reminded of the Sun, Spring and the Ocean." 
Today she is recognized worldwide for her exquisite collection of 2,000 year old authentic Roman Glass jewelry.  


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