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Orit Martin's paintings provide a new dimension to Jewish Contemporary Art. The paintings address the relationship between opposite experiences: the transitory and the eternal, the spiritual and the concrete, the tangible and the abstract, Heaven and Earth, the digital pixel and the stroke of the brush as well as the figurative and the abstract. Orit draws her inspiration from the Kabbalah, Zohar, Chassidic texts and Jewish motifs. Her art has a universal character that gives a new visual expression to both spiritual and mystical concepts including, enlightenment, reflection, introspection and meditation. Her art deals with existential topics such as the connection between body and soul, ones place in the universe and ones place facing the world and Creator.
 has always been a challenge to perceive a spiritual concept with a concrete expression with regards to Jewish Art, however, Orit has successfully found a way to address abstract matters using tangible means. Orit Martin's drawings break through the boundaries of Judaica ornamental art towards an awareness of self reflection and advanced awareness.
Here you will find a beautiful collection of art that is available on both canvas or high quality paper.

High Quality Paper Print = 30 x 40cm  - $32, 
Medium Canvas  = 50 x 70 cm - $165
Large Canvas = 70 x 100 cm
 - $215
Square Medium Canvas =  60 x 60 cm - $165
Square Large Canvas = 90 x 90 cm - $215

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