Roman Glass

Michal Kirat is an Israeli artist and jewelry designer who has mastered the technique of using 2,000 year old Roman Glass to create beautiful jewelry. Her expert knowledge and experience with the glass have come together to produce an outstanding collection of unique art- a collection of Silver and Roman Glass Jewelry.
All Roman Glass used by Michal Kirat is purchased from the Antiquities Experts and Dealers in Israel. Each piece of glass is checked and certified as genuine 2000 year old Roman Glass. All of her jewelry is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
When was Roman Glass first discovered in Israel?
Archaeologists first discovered the beautiful Roman Glass in Israel during the 1970s. Today it is still being found and unearthed at several archaeological sites in Israel.
How can I clean my Roman Glass jewelry?
Roman Glass should never be exposed to cleaning materials as it may have an effect on the colour of the glass. It is also advised that any Roman Glass should not come into contact with water-this too can change the colour of the glass.
In general, it is not advised to clean Roman Glass. If absolutely necessary, a dry cloth may be used gently upon the surface of the glass. 
What makes the Roman Glass so special?
Due to the fact that the glass is so fragile very few craftsmen have mastered the technique of using the glass in art and jewelry.
Each piece of Roman Glass is unique with different shades of colours and patterns. You will never find an exact copy of any Roman Glass!
Some of the Roman Glass shards that have been found in Israel have been dated back to as far as 2 B.C. 
A unique piece of history that is a must in every jewelry box! 

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