How to fix your ceramic nameplate to the wall or door!!!

Imagine…you’ve found the perfect nameplate for your
new house. It’s gorgeous, ceramic, hand-made and
coming all the way from Israel. Today it arrives, you
open the box and mmmm, 
“how on earth will I put this up on the wall?”

Well, we have the answer right here…

For Stone and Plaster Walls
 Clean the surface thoroughly and use either white  cement + sand or a strong type of silicone putty.

 For Wooden or Metal Surfaces
 Clean the surface thoroughly and then use a silicone  putty.

*The sign must always be held in place until the holding  material is dry.

 How to clean your nameplate!
 All signs can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a small amount of hand soap.

 Click here to to meet the artist!


 Due to the hardness of the material, holes cannot be  drilled into the tiles, so please, don’t try to drill holes  as the chance of it breaking is very high!

 Seal the back part of the tile if you're mounting it in a  place where temperatures fall below 32F!

 If rain gets into the back (porous) part of the tile at  such temperatures- the water will freeze and the tile  will crack!





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