Set of 5 Hebrew Name Bracelets
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Set of 5 beautiful leather bracelets.

Hand-made and decorated with a small flower. Customized with a name in Hebrew and English, Hebrew or English.

The space for text is limited.
* We will contact you to let you know if the text that you requested is too long.

* Please allow a few more days for delivery as this item is hand-made according to your request.

How to alter the size...

All bracelets are produced in one size that can be altered to fit your wrist.

Insert the tail into the button hole  1. Insert the tail into the button hole
knot the tail   2. According to your wrist's size, knot the tail of the bracelet and tighten it.

Cut the exceeding part of bracelet's tail

3. When you are sure it fits well cut off the excess part of bracelet.



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