The Heart Of Israel Hit By A Severe Snow Storm...

The Heart of Israel Hit By A Severe Snow Storm…

One of the worst snowstorms hit Jerusalem this weekend. Thousands of people have been left without electricity, schools have been closed and the public have been advised not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Jerusalem has come to an absolute stand still. Roads have been closed off due to the severe weather conditions, many have been left stranded in cars and buses along the main roads into Jerusalem and thousands have been left without electricity for the whole weekend.

The IDF (Israeli Defense Force), Emergency Services and Volunteers have worked together in a joint effort to rescue all those stranded on the roads and to find a way of returning the electricity as soon as possible.  Those stranded have been successfully evacuated to nearby shelters.

Jerusalem is not the only place to be hit by the snowstorm this weekend. Tzefat and the Golan Heights have also been affected and many homes were left without electricity too. The rain has also continued to cause havoc throughout other areas in Israel and reports of flooding have been heard. Many areas have reported extreme amounts of rainfall, however, not all have resulted in flooding.

The extent of the damage caused by the storm will only be apparent when the rain and snow finally stops;this is expected to be sometime in the beginning of the week.

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