How To Support Israel...

How you can support Israel!!!


1. Pray for Israel – continue to pray for your friends and loved ones in Israel, for peace of Israel and for the safety of its people.

2. Contact your loved ones, friends and family in Israel by email, phone, Facebook. Let them know that you care!

3. Say ‘NO’ to boycotting Israeli products and buy Israeli brands. Find a local store that sells Israeli brands such as Elite, Osem, Strauss and so on.
The more you buy the greater the impact on those who are against buying Israeli products.

4. Buy your gifts online from Israeli-websites. By purchasing an Israeli-made product you are directly helping to strengthen the Israeli economy.

5. Educate yourselves and those around you about Israel.

6. Visit Israel- if you have the opportunity to visit Israel, do so. It is an absolutely amazing country with plenty of things to do, plenty of things to see, great accommodation, tasty food and great people!!!

7. Follow websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media who support Israel.

8. Be proud to support Israel.

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